Call: (928) 440-0747
Call: (928) 440-0747

My Events

If your business or organization hosts many events, Flagstaff Web Design’s My Events feature will help you keep organized. Enter your event details in a simple-to-use form and the details will be displayed as a list, a calendar and as posts complete with map! Take reservations, collect ticket payments (PayPal) plus iCal integration allows users to import your event right to their calendars.

Web Chat

If you want to allow your site visitors to chat with each other or want to be able to chat with leads to answer pre-sales or support questions and the like, Web Chat is the perfect feature! Configure chat to be on all pages or just integrate them into the pages and posts you want.… Continue Reading

Vote on Posts

Are you wondering what to write about or are not sure what topics your audience likes best? Use Vote on Posts to gauge which articles they are loving and which topics you can avoid. Prefer to keep it positive? If you have several authors and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you can remove the… Continue Reading

Auto Welcome Messages

Have you ever had a prospect contact you at exactly the wrong moment and by the time you came up for air, 5 hours had passed? 3 days? Flagstaff Web Design can help! With our Auto Welcome Messages, the moment a new client signs up, they will begin to receive timed, custom emails addressing them… Continue Reading

By Appointment

If you need to be able to book appointments or want to let website visitors see available times and book the appointment themselves, then By Appointment is for you. You choose the times you want to offer, attach a price if you want and then By Appointment takes over; booking the appointment, collecting the payment… Continue Reading

Slide In Message

What do Wooly Mammoths have to do with website marketing? If the eyes of early man were not automatically drawn to movement, they’d have been squashed. Less obvious today, our eyes are still attracted to moving things; so Flagstaff Web Design’s Slide in Message feature is perfect for getting your clients’ eyes on your latest… Continue Reading

Schedule your Content

Have you ever needed to put something on your site but just for a specific amount of time or just for one day or day of the week or month? Schedule your Content allows just that and Flagstaff Web Design can add this trick to your website! Simply select the content; a video, link or… Continue Reading

Popup Message

Most web visitors disable popups that open a new window and right they should! Those are annoying and REEK of spam! If you made a popup, you would be more tasteful about it, right? Flagstaff Web Design has an elegant popup solution that allows you to make your offer just as your visitor was about… Continue Reading

Pay with a Like

Do you have a freebie or an eBook that you are willing to give away but think visitors are just grabbing your free gift and giving nothing in return? Flagstaff Web Design can help by installing our Pay with a Like feature. In order to read the eBook or watch the video, the visitor must… Continue Reading

Password Protected Content

If there is content or even a whole page that you want to hide from the public or keep separate for certain groups? Maybe you want to collect an email or phone number in exchange for the content on a page, Flagstaff Web Design will install our Password Protected Content feature. Simply select the content… Continue Reading

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